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Covid - 19 

Hisa Lenart takes care of your safety. 

Due to our separate living compartments you don't need to be in contact with the second family within the building. The only shared space is the big hallway and staircase measuring 1.20m width

Outside we created a new 50 square meter grill area so its possible for two families to have a picknick all day around in a shadowed area. Again with eye for 'social distancing'.

We take a minimum of 5 nights stay so you won't be having 5 different families passing during your week off stay.  A maximum of two different groups of contact can be expected according to your arrival and departure time. 

Slovenia and covid-19 info can be found at :

These websites have daily updates when new info is spread so check them regularly to know the situation for your country

If you would have any extra questions about Covid-19 and Slovenia, sent us an email with your request.

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