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Our projects made for you

We have moved this section into our Blog.

2022 - Lets start it warm ! 

Another dream becoming reality.

What had always been a big project for the future has made it's way into our home. I converted one of our old caravans into a outdoor sauna.  a 6 week project to create a functional sauna with separete relaxing area to enjoy stunning views while you cool down and wait for your next session. 

sauna start
sauna floor
cover it all up
tidy sauna space
big relaxing room
Enjoy your sauna

2021 is here.  While most live around the world got to a hold, our place got more alive ! 

As a start to getting our first larger animals on the property we had to fence of a part of our garden and provide some shelter.

fencing wire.jpg
donkey shelter.jpg

And so became a longterm idea into reality. Our first donkeys 

Rosa and Sina

Rosa and Sina 

Rosa and Sinsa 2

And to add some extra joy I bought my wife some mini goats as a birthday present 


After our successful start in 2019 and all the great reviews from our guests we have decided for 2020 we wanted to expend the experience in our garden. Surly in the covid-19 times it is a must to be able to spend time outside. 

The first project we made was the raised garden beds for our bio garden. 

The second project we created is a new 50 square meter grill area, with outdoor kitchen and new smoker girll

grill area
grill area1
grill area2
grill area3
Outdoor kitchen
smoker grill
Grill time with the neighbors
Grill with a view

What is better than making something yourself out of the leftovers from a previous work . . . 

Home-made outdoors table.

All what is left to do is giving it a protection coating and some teak oil.

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