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Season 2022 - bye bye Covid - 19

We are now in our 4th year since or opening and we are happy to welcome many more of you at our place.

We have noticed over the last years that all of you who visited, really appreciated the work that we have put into our place to make it more then just a holiday. And that is what drives us to continue the road we are on.

This winter we started the Wellness side of the renting by building a outdoor sauna, but that is aimed to autumn and winter season. Because with this hot summer temperatures. There is no shortage of sweat-moments. The sauna is already functional as seen on our pictures and we are now in the process of curing our own wood to give it a beautiful outside cover. And it doesn't stop there, we are already playing with the thought of a wooden hot tub with woodstove... But time will tell if we can accomplish it this winter or if it's one for the long run.

For this spring-summer season we made some investment into two E-mountainbikes which we are renting out for the guests. And we also offer 5 more mountain bikes for free to go with it. The e-bikes can be equipped with a trailer for young kids to ride in the back ( 6months - 6 years ) as well as with a front mounted kid seat up to 15kg. Depending on your driving style and route, an approximate distance of 30km can be achieved. And we have 1 spare battery to go with you on the trip, so first one who runs out, can top up instantly.

Stay tuned for more new from Hisa Lenart !

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